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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Victory is Mine!

I finally beat those pesky squirrels! It took a whole lotta patience and one heck of a Tomato Palace (as mom mother named it). But finally, I get to declare victory over those not so Disney like thieves. I will finally have my first ripe tomato in a couple days and I can say...I will enjoy it. The funny thing is, I really don't like tomatoes. Why bother? I am highly competitive and refuse to be outsmarted by Chip N' Dales distant kin! Victory is sweet!

This one is before. I added the canopy this year and it has been awesome! Protected those guys from the direct sun and yielded loads of tomatoes...for the squirrels. 

Here is the after! Tomato Palace and squirrel proof!

I have however lost the war on my pumpkins, squash and cucumbers this year. I have a plan in place to treat my soil with a tonic recipe I got from Jerry Baker's Terrific Garden Tonics. If it does the trick I will share them here with ya! I plan on planting now just to see if it will help. I will keep ya posted!


  1. Thanks shawnna!! This is a new thing i came to know about gardening.. wonderful stuff.. really like the way you did. Please update .. as i will came to know what you did ?

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  2. Thanks Steve! So far the squirrels have ran by the Tomato palace but cannot get in! I used some tonic from Jerry Baker but I have not had time to plant my fall garden. I will be doing it tomorrow! I can't wait and I will keep ya posted! Thanks for the comment.


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