Growing Gardens & Writing Books: December 2012   

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Books of Elsewhere - The Second Spy

I just finished reading the third installment of The Books of Elsewhere - The Second Spy. If you have not discovered Jacqueline West and her incredibly creative books then you need to! Olive Dunwoody is a very funny and quirky little girl that has just moved into a unique house. The former owners, the McMartins, are still trying to reclaim their home. However, all the McMartins are dead. Olive stumbles onto a pair of spectacles that allows her to go into the magical paintings that Mr. McMartin painted. This leads to an amazing adventure that Olive finds herself getting into. She must protect the home from the McMartins. These books give fresh life to the subject of magic and the hilarious situations (and sometimes scary) that Olive, the cats, and her new friend Rutherford gets themselves into. It is a must read for your young reader and for any adult!