Growing Gardens & Writing Books: 2014   

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Chicks!

Whomever said that a dog is man's best friend clearly didn't raise chickens. My girls are so quirky and absolutely the most friendly hens! When anyone pulls into the driveway, they run to fence to great their new guest. They follow you around, let you pick them up, and get this...they give us eggs!!! We are now getting at least 3 eggs every day! So for anyone out there debating if they should have chickens, I say yes! Keep in mind, you will get a lot of eggs per week from 5 chickens!!! We give more away than we eat but I can tell ya, all the neighbors and some lucky co-workers just love the fresh eggs. They make a great Christmas gift (I also gave out homemade Kahlua (courtesy of Kristal's post).

A few warnings:

1. Chickens need to roll in the dirt. So beware that your flower beds will destroyed if they can get in them!
2. They will eat bugs! Yay! Except that they will dig up your plants to get at the bugs!
3. Their poo makes great fertilizer...for flower beds not vegetable gardens.

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Photos are when they were younger.