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Monday, July 9, 2012

Squirrels and Bugs!!!

As you know, I love my garden. I also love animals but just realized this year...I love them to a point. I really enjoy teaching my kids about our natural environment and how everything has a purpose or a job if you will. However, if those darn squirrels steal one more tomato they are going to be introduced to my friend Kristal and her BB gun! We do live in Texas ya know! Well, thankfully it has not come to that. I purchased some Deer Off and have applied it liberally to my tomatoes, fencing, canopy, etc. I am ashamed to admit that I did see a squirrel in my neighbor's garden and I hosed it down with water! Oh, I am awful, I know. At least he did not get a meal from her garden nor mine! So far, so good. I have over 18 tomatoes coming in and I better have all 18 there! Battle of the tomatoes, round 2 has begun.

The other nuisance in my garden are those adorable rolly pollys! My daughter loves them (I did too when I was her age). Now, I just see hungry little pests that like to eat their way through EVERYTHING! I have been tolerating them but yesterday I caught one eating my green bean! Does he not know how many I have to grow before I can make one meal? Humph! I will continue to tolerate them but they should be warned, I am watching!

Very soon I will have my potting table built and I will post pics. I found the picture of one on Pinterest and loved it. I was able to get some cedar posts from a friend for free and my husband and I have spent all weekend stripping the posts to get them ready for lacquering. Almost there!


  1. Deer off or other predator scents are usually enough to scare off squirrels and other rodents that roam in the garden. If they’re still coming in, try mixing some blood meal. I hear that they don’t like the smell of blood, and the mix will act as a fertilizer for your plants. Two birds with one stone! :)

    Mosquito Squad

  2. Great idea!! I love getting two benefits out of one idea! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve read that using coffee grounds for bugs works like blood meal for critters and other animals. They act as a repellant and provide that extra nitrogen for a healthier soil. Though I haven’t tried if it’s still as effective after you’ve brewed the grounds. Haha!



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