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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Raised Beds

I simply love my raised beds! Oh, I feel I should mention that I live in the Texas Hill Country which means digging is just not an option. So, raised beds it is. Now, some may run out and purchase a complete raised bed "kit" but you can do it much cheaper. I purchased treated 2X6X8's and cut them in half to make 4X4 beds. These worked great and so the next year I made 4X8 beds. I now have 3 of each and they are growing like crazy.You will notice that the middle 4X4 has a canopy. Last year we had such high temperatures and were in a major drought that my tomatoes just couldn't handle it. This year we covered them and are easily getting 4 times the amount we got last year. The three 8X4 beds are in a nice partly shaded area and everything seems really love it. I started these about a month after I planted the smaller ones so we haven't gotten any veggies or fruit yet but we have loads of blooms! I have to say thanks to my husband and family for helping me out with my garden. Love you guys!!

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